Traveling to Trang An – Which route is the most beautiful?

Trang An Ecotourism is renowned as an ecotourism destination recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2014, encompassing both cultural and natural heritage. The most frequently asked question is which route to take when visiting Trang An ecotourism for the most beautiful scenery. Drawing from practical experience, this article will provide you with additional useful information for a successful trip

Trang An – the first mixed heritage site in Southeast Asia

Overview Trang An

Trang An Ecotourism Area in Ninh Binh, nestled within the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, encompasses limestone formations, caves, and wetlands over 2,168 hectares. It enthralls visitors with its breathtaking scenery, including towering limestone peaks, winding streams, and serene rice fields viewed from boats, making it a sought-after destination for domestic and international tourists.

Guide to visiting the Trang An ecotourism area

Tour Trang An one day 

Ninh Binh 2 days 1 night include Trang An

Ticket prices for visiting Trang An

Purchase tickets at the counter outside

In general, the ticket prices for visiting Trang An ecotourism are relatively cheap compared to the general level. The Trang An ticket prices include boat tickets and sightseeing, but do not include parking fees. The current ticket prices are as follows:

  • Adults: 250,000 VND per ticket.
  • For children with heights between 1m and 1.3m: 120,000 VND per ticket.
  • Children under 1m tall: Free admission.
  • Private boat rental: 1,250,000 VND per boat.
  • Tour guide: 300,000 VND per route.
  • Parking fees range around 10,000 VND per vehicle.

Ticket selling hours:

  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday): 6:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM

In addition to purchasing tickets directly at the Trang An tourist area, visitors can also book tickets online in advance through the website: to avoid waiting in line.

When visiting Trang An, which route is the most beautiful?

Currently, Trang An ecotourism offers three main boat routes for visitors to explore.

Route 1: Boat pier – Boat pier – Trinh Temple – Dark Cave – Light Cave – Wine-making Cave – Three Drops Cave – Seo Cave – Son Duong Cave – Phu Khong – Tran Cave – Quy Hau Cave – Boat pier

Route 1 Trang An boat tour

With Route 1, tourists will pass through 9 caves and 3 spiritual points, taking approximately 3.5 hours to visit all stops. Route 1 is the most peaceful, passing through the most caves. If you want to explore unique caves and enjoy the tranquil nature, Route 1 is the best choice. When taking Route 1, visitors should wear modest clothing to ensure respectfulness when visiting spiritual points.

Route 2: Boat pier – Dark Cave – Cao Son Holy Temple – Shining Cave – Holy Slide Cave – Fairy Stream Temple – Grand Cave – Vu Lam Palace – Boat pier

Route 2 Trang An boat tour

On Route 2, tourists will pass through 4 caves and 3 spiritual areas, taking about 2.5 hours to complete. This route allows you to explore historical architecture. The scenery of the landmarks on Route 2 is majestic and romantic with winding limestone mountains, the clear Sao Khe River, and the mystical caves. All of these features create a beautiful landscape, perfect for check-in photos. You should wear traditional Vietnamese costumes such as long dresses to capture unforgettable moments at this location.

Route 3: Boat pier – Trinh Temple – Dot Cave – Cloud Cave – Fairy Stream Temple – Dia Linh Mountain – Grand Cave – Vu Lam Palace – Boat pier

The poetic beauty of Trang An

On Route 3, tourists will pass through 3 caves and 3 spiritual areas, taking about 3 hours to visit all stops. Route 3 combines beautiful caves with historical architectural structures.

Route 3 and Route 2 are the most popular choices for tourists because you will pass through the filming location of Kong: Skull Island. Based on the practical experience of previous travelers, it’s recommended to take Route 3 first and then return via Route 2. This combination will give you a variety of exciting experiences as you get to visit all the highlights of both routes. You just need to inform the boat driver to arrange this combination, and they will organize the routes for you.

The appropriate time to go boating on Trang An ecotourism

On average, each boat trip lasts 2.5 to 3 hours. Trang An ecotourism area opens to welcome guests from 6 am to 5 pm, so tourists need to calculate the time to catch the last boat trip. Tourists should consider information about the weather conditions during the day to decide on the appropriate time for sightseeing, avoiding the intense heat of noon. The ideal time to experience is from around 6 – 8 am and from 2 – 3 pm.

Tips for Exploring Trang An Ecotourism Area

  • If you want to take photos, ask the boat driver to pause so you can comfortably capture beautiful moments of this location.
  • Always wear a life jacket when operating the boat. You can remove it when taking photos, but be careful and prioritize safety.
  • Remember the number of the boat you are on. This will help you easily locate your boat quickly.
  • Visit Trang An in the morning when the weather is still pleasant. You’ll have better conditions for photography without the harsh sunlight.
  • Prepare items such as hats, caps, umbrellas, etc., in case the weather becomes unfavorable.
  • In the areas of Trang An, there are also temple sites, so choose modest and respectful attire to honor the sacred space

Famous Attractions in the Trang An Ecotourism Area

Top beautiful caves

Famous for its interconnected water caves resembling a surreal labyrinth, Trang An is characterized by limestone caves with diverse formations cascading down alongside picturesque landscapes of mountains and water, with clear water reflecting the shadows of the mountains, all contributing to Trang An’s unique charm rarely found elsewhere.

Dia Linh Cave: Located in the heart of Trang An World Heritage Site, Dia Linh Cave is one of the most beautiful and largest caves in Trang An, stretching over 1500 meters in length. Impressing visitors with its diverse stalactite formations and magnificent stalactites, the cave boasts a remarkably cool atmosphere that will leave visitors in awe of its majestic beauty.

Dia Linh Cave

Nau Ruou Cave: True to its name, Nau Ruou Cave is famous for its unique history of local rice wine fermentation. This cave features a well over 10 meters deep with crystal-clear water, from which hundreds of barrels of rice wine are distilled.

Nau Ruou Cave

Bright Cave and Dark Cave: neighboring attractions frequently explored in tandem by tourists, provide contrasting experiences. Bright Cave earns its name from the abundant natural light permeating its expanse, while Dark Cave lives up to its name, requiring visitors to rely on headlamps to navigate its shadowy depths. Together, they offer visitors a diverse and captivating exploration opportunity.

The stunning scenery when exiting from the Bright Cave to the Dark Cave

A spiritual area with distinctive architecture

Trang An ecotourism is not only renowned for its close connection with nature’s beauty but also boasts numerous historical architectures that are intricately tied to the nation-building process, all of which have been carefully preserved and conserved to this day.

Vu Lam Palace: This is a military base from the Tran Dynasty with a unique architectural style of a temple floating on water, surrounded by mountains

Vu Lam royal step

Trinh Temple:  honors the four loyal generals of the Dinh Dynasty, guardians of the royal treasury and precious metals. Situated at the mountain’s base, it embodies the “leaning on mountains and facing waters” concept. As the initial stop for tourists on Trang An ecotourism, it holds historical significance and natural beauty.

Trinh temle
Trinh temple, the first attraction visited by boats carrying tourists to explore Trang An

Phu Khong: it is situated in a unique setting, with Khong Cave behind, a range of rocky mountains to the right, and a vast valley in front. This place of worship honors seven important officials of the Dinh Dynasty.

Phu Khong

Must-try delicacies in Ninh Binh

1. Mountain goat cuisine

Not sampling mountain goat cuisine when in Ninh Binh would be a missed opportunity. It stands out as one of the area’s most renowned dishes. Goats in Ninh Binh are left to graze naturally on limestone mountain slopes, resulting in incredibly aromatic and tender meat. Indulge in dishes like goat sausage, steamed goat, lemongrass and chili stir-fried goat, grilled goat, etc. Numerous eateries serve goat dishes throughout Ninh Binh, each offering equally delightful flavors.

2. Burnt rice


A humble yet widely celebrated dish, burnt rice holds a special place in Ninh Binh’s culinary scene. Unlike elsewhere, burnt rice here is topped with a layer of shrimp floss and served with shrimp paste. Make sure to savor this unique local delicacy.

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